You are invited to the first annual Justice Support Raising in Mission CCDA Pre-Conference November 10, 2015 in Memphis, Tennesse. A one day gathering of practicioners and mission leaders from around the world, the conference will focus on seeking solutions to How Support Raising Keeps Parachurch Ministries White. If you care about seeing your team, organization, or ministry become more multiethnic, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

Over the past year and a half a group of us have grown more passionate about seeking equitable funding models for Christian ministries. The more that we talked the more we wanted to have a time to gather leaders from around the country to move the conversation forward. We feel that time has come.

Justice Support Raising in Mission Conference

CCDA Pre-Conference

We are excited to partner with CCDA, the Christian Community Development Association, a leading national network passionate about seeing communities developed and restored. It is a privilege to join with an association who have a decorated history of developing diverse leaders for the Church. Justice and Support Raising is an issue dear to their hearts and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with them for this event.

Our gathering on Justice and Support Raising in mission will actually be a CCDA “Pre-Conference”. We’ll meet the day before their national conference in the same location. This will make it easy for attendees of the CCDA National Conference to come a day early and focus on Justice and Support Raising.

Many others will want to attend the Justice Support Raising in Mission Pre-Conference who do not plan on attending the full CCDA National Conference. Our one day event will easily work for these people as well.

Who Should Attend

The Justice Support Raising in Mission CCDA Pre-Conference is a one-day event for anyone hoping to find solutions to how support raising keeps parachurch ministries White. Our audience includes: ministry executives, staff members, pastors, team leaders, members of both ethnic minority and majority culture communities, and donors passionate about seeing support raising work for ministers of all ethnicities. The Pre-Conference will be a perfect fit for both those new to the issues and those who have long sought solutions. We don’t have all the answers, but hope the Pre-Conference will catalyze a movement to discover solutions together.


Our schedule for the conference is still being developed. We have a rough outline to help you know what to expect from the conference, though some of the details are still open to change.

  • 9am – Start
  • Noel Castellanos welcomes group
  • Current Reality: What’s the Problem?
  • Time in Scripture
  • Hearing from Ethnic Minority Staff
  • Lamenting Current Reality
  • 12pm – Lunch
  • Seeking Solutions: Where do we go from here?
  • Networking: Meeting other attendees to learn what they are trying
  • Next Steps as a Community
  • Join Marketplace Solutions CCDA Pre-conference for cross-pollinization of ideas
  • 5pm – Dinner Out Together (not part of conference cost)

Cost: $59 including Lunch

The cost for the Justice Support Raising in Mission CCDA Pre-Conference will be $59 per attendee. This will go to cover the cost of using the meeting space and providing lunch. We don’t want cost to be the reason that keeps someone from attending, so we are working to raise scholarship funds to help sponsor people who would like to attend but can’t due to funding. Please let us know if that is you or if your organization would like to help provide scholarships.


We are finalizing the registration site and expect to open it within the next few weeks. We’ll let you know when it is ready so you and your fellow ministers can register and reserve your spot.


Please spread the word about the Justice Support Raising in Mission CCDA Pre-Conference to people in your networks. Let them know that we’ll spend the day lamenting the consequences of the current system, thinking theologically about mission and funding, learning from people pioneering solutions, and networking to hear what others around us are trying. We desire this gathering to catalyze a community of ministers from all ethnic and racial backgrounds who are passionate to see the Church live out mission funding in a just and equitable way.

We believe this could be the next step in the future of support raising, a future where everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or social connection can fully participate in God’s global mission.

Please plan to join us for the Justice Support Raising in Mission CCDA Pre-Conference November 10th, 2015 in Memphis, TN.