What could God do through our ministries if they were truly a place of flourishing for all?

Support raising is broken. Demographic shifts worldwide have clarified that our current models do not provide equity for all who would like to participate. This challenge presents an opportunity for us as Evangelicals to dream about the future of our participation in God’s global mission. God is inviting us to imagine a new future together with Him.

I’ve written a Bible study as an attempt to provide one way for us as Evangelicals to be true to who we are as a people. It is a invitation to slow down and marinate in God’s revealed Word to us and how it might relate to His mission. It is a chance to take a step back and examine the ways we currently raise support and whether they truly represent a Biblical way of funding mission.

How the Bible Study is Organized A Communal Experience in God's Word

The goal of the Bible study is to help you and your ministry community develop a robust theology of mission funding. A typical resource like this begins with the status quo and looks back to the Bible to find verses that will support what we already do. What if, instead of starting with the current support raising system and asking “Is it Biblical?”, we first looked at the Bible to see how it might inform our practices? What if we reversed the process?

Over the course of eight lessons you’ll explore a broad range of Scriptures as you seek to develop a more robust theology of mission funding. You’ll examine topics like “Abundance vs. Scarcity”, “Equity & Justice”, “Imago Dei”, and more. You’ll reflect on passages from throughout scripture, not just the ones that support the status quo.

You’ll be given reflection questions at the end of each lesson along with space to write out your answers. My desire is that this would be an intensely personal, yet intimately communal process for you. I want you to wrestle through these issues in community with the people you minister alongside. I don’t provide answers or solutions, but I hope to offer space for you to reflect together.

Finally, the resource culminates in the creation of a Mission Funding Covenant. You’ll write out your team theology of mission funding and then commit to specific actions together for how you will fund mission Biblically going forward. It’s about solidarity, not solutions.

God desires to see His Church move forward in mission in this new millennium in ways like we’ve never seen before. He wants to open new doors for us and rapidly expand the spread of His Kingdom on earth. But along the way I think He wants to call our attention to some of the places where we have lost the plot. We’ve unintentionally come to believe and practice things about God, His mission, money, and each other that are preventing us from fully being His ambassadors on Earth.

This resource, Funding Missions Biblically, is a call for Evangelicals to renew our commitment to being people of the Word. Paying attention to God’s revealed Word could open the door to a season of flourishing in our ministries unlike we have ever known. The Creator God is calling us to create new models and structures for mission that more fully reflect His Kingdom and character to a watching world. Will we have the courage to step forward and imagine a different future together?

Let’s journey together and find out.

Download Funding Mission Biblically

Download Funding Mission Biblically

2 thoughts on “Funding Mission Biblically

  1. Thanks for your work on this Eric. I am trying to continue to develop a robust theology of support raising myself. Your opening statement was “Demographic shifts worldwide have clarified that our current models do not provide equity for all who would like to participate.” Can you give me the links to the specific research/studies you are citing that show these worldwide demographic shifts in support raising models? I would like to study them as well. Thanks.

    1. Steve,

      Thanks for commenting.

      For more specific papers and studies on this topic, I’d recommend starting with “Reconciling The Divide: The need for Contextual and Just Models of Fundraising that Empower all People Groups in
      Vocational Youth Ministry” by Pablo Otaola and Daniel White Hodge. They cite other sources you can explore as well. Their paper is available at:

      You can also read an introductory summary of the issues at and explore the research studies by Samuel Perry that are linked to in the article.

      Would love to hear your thoughts after reading the studies and articles.


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